What is

Creative Consulting?


Creative Consulting helps you figure sh*t out on YOUR terms in a fun and creative way. Our Inner Voice can get muddled with stress or quiet with a lack of confidence. 

Through creative and playful ways, Kensho Creative Consulting can help you - 

| Identify Your ‘Stuckness’ |
| Find and Listen to Your Inner Badass |
| Design a Creative, Problem-Solving Plan |
| Continued Support and Cheerleading |

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Hi there. I'm Holly.
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Creatively Tackle Projects on a Budget

Event or Wedding Planning

Gorgeous Interior Revamping

DIY Pinterest Projects

DIY Luxurious Living & Self-Care

Navigating Big Leaps

Identify Passions & Skills

Starting a Business or Selling your Work

Create a Mission, Group, Non-Profit

Creative Self-Growth on YOUR Terms

Identify Goals & Challenges

Develop Self-Confidence

Lean In & Trust Our Inner Voice

Add Art & Play to Our Lives

Establishing Boundaries in a Fun Way

Speaking Up for Ourselves & Others

Being a Silly Kid again

Sharing more Kindness & Love

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