What's New at Kensho!


So Much Love is Coming to Kensho Loft!

'Kensho' means, 'The state of enlightenment one experiences when they realize their true self'. 

This was the inspiration for our Loft - a safe haven where one can explore their true selves,

in a non-judgmental and beautiful environment. 

We're thrilled to see our mission come to light with these amazing new offerings.

Stay tuned for more details & scheduling. 

Mental Health Mondays

With the rise of mental health struggles and daily life challenges, we need practical ways to cope.

Through our support workshops, we will offer healthy and simple ways to cope with stressors like parenting, relationships, trauma, career/finances, and conflict.

Our support 'circles' will include:

Art & Creativity

Unique Meditation

Fun Body Movement

Safe Support

Confidence Building

Conflict Skills

Our workshops will be safe, supportive, & full of love.

Three Women
Work Desk
Improv For Everyday Survival FB Event Cover.jpg

Improv for Everyday Survival

Improv isn't just for Aspiring Performers.


It Encourages You To:

Be a More Positive Person

Be More Creative

Become a Team Player

Gain Confidence & Find Your Voice

Be a Better Listener & Support Others

Make those Big Scary Choices

Bring Out Your Playful Side

Enjoy the Moment

Come Out & Be Silly Again!


Work Desk
Sharing Pizza

Teen Empowerment

Being a teen in modern society can be TOUGH!

Our emPOWERment workshops can help Teens navigate social and emotional issues through:

Self-Portrait & Expressive Art

Supportive Circle Chats

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Using Social Media for Meaningful Power

Volunteering in our Communities

Developing Unique Missions & Activism

Self-Defense & Using our Voice

'The young always have the same problem:

How to rebel and conform at the same time'

- Quentin Crisp

First Friday Kids Night Out

First Friday of every month,

bring the kiddos out for a fun-filled evening!

DIY activities like slime-making, expressive art,

screen-printed t-shirts, and more!

Empowering workshops such as yoga & mindfulness, how to handle bullies, using their Voices,

and confidence-building games.

AND community projects like fundraising, kindness opportunities, and giving/volunteering outreach.

It truly takes a 'village' to raise these little visionaries!


Little Artist